Best Education FAQ

I keep on SMSing the word “best” to 48748 but I do not receive my pin number?

  • There can be a lot of reasons for this:
  • Your network provider (Vodacom / MTN / Cell C / Telkom) is blocking the request - This may be because as the owner of the number do not allow you to send messages to a short number.
  • You may have a TOP UP account and needs sufficient funds to send the message to get your pin (R10)

I was billed for the message but never received a PIN number. What can I do?

  • Just send us an email to thebest@besteducation.co.za . Tell us the date you messaged and your number. We will resend a PIN to your phone.

When does my PIN number expire?

  • Pin numbers are valid from Sunday to Sunday. Every Sunday we have a cycle of new PINS being send out to each user.

Why do you use PIN numbers?

  • Contente get distributed to users based on the PIN they receive. In other words, officials within the Department have different PINS for content not yet available to users. This is a security measure in place.
  • We have a lot of cost to cover to bring you the material on the website/app and by your ongoing support we can deliver more and more.

Access Denied?

  • This happens when your using old software on your phone or even on your computer. Try finding the history of your browser and reset or clear your history. This will take away the Access Denied.
  • Reason why this is happening is because you visited the website and it remembers you according to your IP address and may even block content. So best is to restart your computer.

I can’t find what I am looking for. What I can do to get it?

  • At Best Education we work as fast as possible to roll out material to assist you as parents, teachers and schools, but we have a high standard to approve resources and this takes time to develop.
  • Anyone can ask us for material not on the website/app and we will attend to is as fast as possible.
  • Asking will be as simple as posting on the Facebook page, twitter or directly to our inbox at thebest@besteducation.co.za