Graad 7 Afrikaans Gedigte

Graad 7 Afrikaans CAPS - Poësie. Die laaisel van die sonbesie en Psalm 121 Gedig

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Grade 6 CAPS English Worksheets for Demonstrative Pronouns and Countable and uncountable

Countable and uncountable and Demonstrative Pronouns - This , that , those these Worksheets for Grade 6 English.

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Graad 5 CAPS Wiskunde Werkkaarte vir lengte

In graad 5, werk leerders met dieselfde eenhede van lengte waarmee hulle in graad 4 gewerk het. Hulle werk ook met dieselfde meetinstrumente. Maak seker dat die leerders weet watter eenhede en instrumente gepas is vir die meting van verskeie lengtes, hoogtes en afstande. Ons het lengte Werkkaarte vir julle voorberei…

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Grade 5 CAPS Maths Measurments Worksheets

Ruler - measurments

In Grade 5 learners work with the same units of length that they worked with in Grade 4. They also work with the same measuring instruments. We made some CAPS Maths Worksheets for Grade 5 to assist in the ongoing problems learners encounter while working with length.

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Graad 1 Afrikaans

Graad 1 Afrikaans CAPS

Gr. 1 Afrikaans ANA Toetse Gr. 1 Afrikaans Vraestelle en Memos Gr. 1 Werkkaarte Gr. 1 Afrikaans Werkboeke Gr. 1 CAPS Dokumente

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CAPS Afrikaans: Best Education

CAPS Afrikaans Best Education a

Afrikaans Graad 1 - 12 CAPS Hulpbronne
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Safer Schools for all: Homophobic Bullying

Pasted Graphic 1

A booklet that provides “clear and simple” steps that pupils and teachers can take in challenging homophobic bullying in schools.

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Six Ways To Motivate Students To Learn

Scientific research has provided us with a number of ways to get the learning juices flowing, none of which involve paying money for good grades. And most smart teachers know this, even without scientific proof.
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Parenting Tips - Discipline

Best Education ParentingTips

Learn how to discipline children with these easy tips from Parents Magazine! The key to disciplining children is to be consistent, follow through once you've set up rules, show respect, and remain calm. Here are our four parenting tips on how to discipline children.

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Help stuggeling Learners

  • Best Education struggling students
  • Teachers use various methods to meet the needs of all students, including those who struggle.
  • Some methods include slowing down or speeding up the pace of the work for individual students within a classroom.
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