CAPS Grade 1 – 12

Exam papers and memo’s, ANA Tests, Workbooks, Worksheets, CAPS Documents, Online Exams and answers.

CAPS Graad 1 – 12

Vraestelle en memorandums, ANA Toetse, Werkboeke, Werkkaarte, CAPS Dokumente, Aanlyn toetse met antwoorde.

Yes, we use CAPS only and approval from the department, and all schools across the country need to follow the same work.

Grade 1 – R499 per year

Grade 2 – R199 per year

Grade 3 – R199 per year

Grade 4 – R199 per year

Grade 5 – R199 per year

Grade 6 – R199 per year

Grade 7 – R199 per year

Grade 8 – R199 per year

Grade 9 – R199 per year

Yes, you will get a discount on your next grade for the following year. Meaning you will pay the full amount this year, but next year you will get a discount between 20% – 50% on the next grade.

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Both. For each grade, we have both papers available in Afrikaans and English. Meaning all the subject will be available in Afrikaans and English medium. For instance, you will have access to a grade, and you will click on English to see all the resources available in the language of English. When you click on Afrikaans, you will have all the papers or resources available in Afrikaans.

Yes, all papers have at the end of each document.

No, you will download the resources and print them as you need them.

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You can download examples of exams here: 

Afrikaans voorbeeld

English Example 


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