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Why no standardised CAPS tests / exams in 3rd Term

Why no standardised CAPS tests : exams in 3rd Term

We get this question a lot.

Why don’t we have exams or tests for the 3rd term (September month)?

We do have a simple answer, but before we give you this answer you need to understand what is SBA first.

SBA – School Based Assessment
Schools across South Africa (private or public) needs to follow CAPS.  CAPS has different rules for each term and grade. For example:

Gr. 1 – 3
100% SBA.

Gr. 4 – 6
25% Test / Exam and 75% SBA.

Gr. 7 – 9
40% Test / Exam and 60% SBA.

Gr. 10 – 12
75% Test / Exam and 25% SBA.

(Gr. 12 however does have Trial Exams – September exams set by the Department only and also difference from province to province)


CAPS tests


Each grade and subject has different weights for each area or topic. Teachers should give marks accordingly to CAPS Documents as outlined in each grade and subject we have available in Afrikaans and English versions for each subject.  You will find the information at the back of each Policy Document.

In term 1, 2 and 4 all school must write standardised tests/exams. – This is what we have on Best Education 

Now the difference with Term 3 is there are no guidelines on what can or should be asked.  This is the only term a teacher / educator will set tests (not exams) for learners.  Only thing teachers may ask is what they have done in class work or in languages and Maths it will be all work covered as it is broad. We suggest you work with ANA papers, all previous terms language and Maths papers.

In simple terms, all papers will be different except if you get a teacher who copied a previous exam.  Mostly all from past papers from our site.

There you go, now you know why we don’t have September tests.

What is School based Assessment (SBA) in CAPS?