Grade 8 Mathematics Study Guide

Grade 8 Term 1

Whole number
Numeric and geometric patterns
Functions and relationships
Algebraic expressions 1
Algebraic equations 1
Term 1: Revision and assessment


Grade 8 Term 2

Algebraic expressions 2
Algebraic equations 2
Construction of geometric figures
The geometry of 2D shapes
The geometry of straight lines
Term 2: Revision and assessment

Grade 8 Term 3

Common fractions
Fractions in decimal notation
The theorem of Pythagoras
Perimeter and area of 2D shapes
Surface area and volume of 3D objects
Collect, organise and summarise data
Represent data
Interpret, analyse and report on data


Grade 8 Term 4 

Functions and relationships
Algebraic equations
Transformation geometry
The geometry of 3D objects

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