Earth Day Worksheets

Earth Day Worksheets CAPS

Can you find someone who.... Celebrate earth day
Day and Night
Earth Day - Earth Colour and info
Earth Day - Earth Colour in Page
Earth Day Corssword - Easy
Earth Day Corssword - Hard
Earth Day Frue/False
Earth Day Game
Earth Day Maze
Earth Day mini book
Earth Day Owl Poster
Earth Day Song
Earth vocabulary
Earth Word Search A
Earth Word Search B
Earth Word Search C - Inside the Earth
Fill in the words and help the Earth
Layers of the Earth A
Layers of the Earth B
My favourite thing on the plant is
Peace on Earth - Greeting Card / Letter
Pledge to save Earth
Scientists believe
The Earth spinning
The Solar System - Earth
What is Earth Day? Colour - Happy Birthday
Word Ladder

Our planet in South Africa